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By | 2013/08/03

Miscrits is really popular online game that is free to play on Facebook with currently around 100 000 active users.

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If you found this post, then it means you are looking for a working Miscrits Hack Tool that can add items to the game like for example unlimited number of Gold, Platinum, Exp, Bonus, Creatures, Levels plus is really simple to use, then you can stop since in this post we will provide you with a 100% working free hack. The hack is developed by our coder Wizard who hacked over 200 games and still counting. The interface is clean and easy to use. Here is a snapshot of it:
Miscrits Hack

Watch now the Miscrits Hack video preview:

Miscrits Hack v1.1 Instructions:
1. Download the hack and unzip the files inside into a convenient location for you.
2. Go to the folder you unzipped the files and find instructions file.
3. Follow the instructions and you will soon have all the items you want.

Miscrits Hack v1.1 Last working on:

Download Miscrits Hack

4 thoughts on “Miscrits Hack

  1. DownRoad

    Rofl, my friends are like “How the hell you did that” lol, thx for the hack btw

  2. Lolipipo

    It works, I can get platinium. but can’t add exp..

  3. Alen91

    So far only tried on windows and it works pretty well, but does it support mac? I don’t like windows..


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