How to be better at online games without cheating!

How can you get better at games without cheating or using hacks?

Get Better
Getting better in online games really depends on the type of games you play. For Example trying to get better at playing FPS will be really different from MMORPG types of games. FPS players will mostly focus on getting better at aiming and movement on maps to stay alive and get more kills. MMORPG players will instead mostly focus on farming and getting equipment and levels to get advantage again opponents. There are other types of games, but when most people talk about getting better at gaming they usually mean one of these types.

2 Things you need to do to get better at FPS games

1. Good Hardware - Make sure you have enough good hardware and peripherals since that is really crucial if you want to improve your aiming and map awareness. Having good stable FPS that is above 60 is really needed if you want to be serious these days. Good headphones and mouse can make massive difference between spotting your enemy first and getting that kill or getting jumped from behind.

2. Practice and Skill - This should be kind of obvious, but most people think that few hours in games like Counter Strike or Overwatch will make them good, but let me tell you that we are talking here about hundreds of hours of practice to be able to get those head-shoots like it's nothing. Just find some empty map or just play with friends and do it over and over. It took me months to get really good at playing Enemy Territory and even then I wasn't even in top 20 on my server.

So how is getting better at MMORPG Different from FPS?

The main difference is you don't really need that good hardware or skills to be good in MMORPG. All you need is time and knowledge about the game. For example, if you want to buy the best equipment in game you need money and to get money you need to know the good farming spots in game. That was knowledge.

1. Knowledge - You need to know stuff like best farming spots, best equipment for your class, what skills to use and for what, how to now waste mana and so on. You get point since more you know about the game the more you can use it to level and get rich faster.

2. Time - To be good at MMORPG you need levels and equipment and the more time you have the better. Most of the high-level players spend days behind PC just farming nonstop and if you want to compete with them you will need to have the same or more time at your disposal.

That's all for now and I hope it helps you with trying to get better at these types of games.