How do you feel if I tell you that Mario is back to being Plumber?

Last Year when Nintendo announced that our favorite character  is no longer a plumber and did quit his plumbing business I was kind of devastated, but the company did recently updated Mario’s profile. On its Japanese website to tell us that he still hasn’t forgotten his past as a plumber so good for that!


Some people on Reddit first spotted that Nintendo had changed its official profile for Mario few weeks ago. Using Google Translate you can tell that Mario’s occupation now read as a plumber so I guess they are saying that he did return to his original job.

Since recently  Odyssey was released it would make sense to make this update now since even in the game he is called often as “plumber boy” . Some people still thing that calling his plumber is a insult, but for me it fits him since all he does his whole life is pipe-fixing and occasionally killing turtles…

But perhaps Bowser was actually just callin’ it like he saw it. We may not have seen Mario fixing many pipes in Odyssey, but a variety of throwbacks to the franchise’s older games reminded us — and him — where Mario came from.

I always knew that they will go back on this and make him the old profession again. Since the one thing most people remember about him and why he got so popular is the fact that he was just a simple guy with a simple job like all of us.

There you have it: Mario is back to being a plumber once more and I hope it will stay like that. Now all we need is more games with Mario and everything will be fine. And go play  Odyssey right now!

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